Incess has operated in the information technology market since the autumn of 2000 and was founded for the main purpose of providing IT consultancy services to its customers. Since then, our vision for the provided services has developed from highly specialised IT solutions (based only on Microsoft products) to the full range of services including computer maintenance, computer repair, consultancy services, design and development of the necessary software, as well as the use of solutions based on commercial products and on open-source software. 

  We completely closed the cycle of our services by setting up a department dealing with the hardware problems of our customers, as well as with the delivery of systems and components.

Cloud Service

  We offer a service in which your information and the software of your computer are located remotely on our servers. In this way you ARE INDEPENDENT of your location and ARE NOT LIMITED in terms of hardware. In other words,

System Administration

  We provide system administration of the existing IT systems of our customers. We improve the operation of the existing IT systems with no need for new investments in hardware and software (if available) as well as automation of routine IT tasks executed

Software All

  We also develop and support websites of our customers, and offer web-based IT solutions. We design applications which take into account the method of work, the needs and requirements of the customers, so that the solution developed by us can